Save and Save As In Computing (When to use them and example)


"Save" is used to store changes made to an existing file. It overwrites the original file with the updated version.

Example: You're working on a Word document, "MyEssay.docx", and you make some changes. You click "Save" to update the file with your changes. The original file is replaced with the new version.

Save As:
"Save As" is used to create a new copy of a file, allowing you to choose a different name, location, or file format.

Example: You're working on a PowerPoint presentation, "Presentation1.pptx", and you want to create a slightly different version for a specific audience. You click "Save As" and choose a new name, "Presentation2.pptx", and select a different folder to save it in. Now you have two separate files with different content.

In summary, "Save" updates the original file, while "Save As" creates a new file with the changes.

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