STRAND 1: Introduction to Computing
Sub-Strand 1: Generation of Computers and parts of a computer and other gadgets

Note: These questions has no possible answers. Answer them correctly and compare your answers with the ones given at the end of these questions.
1. In order for the mouse, keyboard and monitor to work properly, they must all be connected to the ____________________
2. From the diagram below, identify the parts labelled A – D.

A =
B =
C =
D =
3. The mouse of the Laptop is called ______

4. The monitor of the laptop is mostly referred to as ____________

5. LCD stands for ____________

6. The PS/2 port connector of the mouse can be found at the _______ of the computer.

7. PS/2 stands for ______________

8. Which colour is mostly used to represent the PS/2 muse port of the computer? __

9. Mention three (3) ways the mouse can be connected to the computer.
10. USB stands for ___

11. Computer mouse with no cable is called _________ mouse.

12. How is a cordless mouse connected to the computer?

13. The PS/2 computer keyboard is represented by a ____ colour.

14. The computer monitor can be connected to the system unit in two ways. Mention them.



15. What does the following stand for?

A. VGA -

16. Identify the following ports.

A -

B -

C -

D - 

E - 

1. System Unit

A - System Unit
B- Mouse
C - Keyboard
D- Monitor

3. Touchpad

4. LCD Display or Screen

5. Liquid Crystal Display

6. back

7. Personal System / 2

8. Green

A. Through the PS/2 port
B. Through the USB port
C. Through Bluetooth or wireless

10. Universal Serial Bus

11. Cordless mouse

12. wireless receiver or Bluetooth

13. purple or violet 

14. A. VGA   B. HDMI

15. (i). VGA - Video Graphics Array
(ii). HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface

A - Mouse Port
B - Keyboard Port
C- VGA Port
D - HDMI Port
E - USB Port

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