Strand 1:  NUMBER
Sub-Strand 1:  Number: Counting, Representation, Cardinality & Ordinality
CONTENT STANDARDS 1: Describe numbers and the relationship between numbers 0 to 100
INDICATORS AND EXEMPLARS 1: Use number names, counting sequences and how to count to find out “how many?”
E.g. 1.  Count by 1s (forwards and backwards) between two given numbers between 0 and 100; or by 2s and 10s; Identify and correct errors or omissions in counting or skip counting sequences 
-Skip count Backward by 2s
Complete the table by skip counting backwards by 2s

A is 98

B is 96

C is 92

D is 86

E is 82

F is 74

G is 72

H is 64

I is 60

J is 52

K is 42

L is 32

M is 22

N is 20

O is 12

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