STRAND 1: Introduction to Computing
SUB-STRAND 1: Generation of computers and parts of a computer and other gadgets
CONTENT STANDARD: Demonstrating an understanding of the parts of a computer and technology tools
INDICATORS: Recognise other peripherals that can be connected to the Computer. E.g. Scanners, Speakers, printers, Web Cameras etc.

Now answer the questions below;
1. Which peripheral device copies information from the computer system onto a paper for the computer user?
A. Scanner
B. Printer
2. Mention three (3) examples of printers you know.
3. Printers are grouped into _____
A. 2
B. 3
4. What are the names of the groups of printers?
5. Which group of printers use the striking mechanism to form characters on a piece of paper?
A. Non-Impact printers
B. Impact printers
6. Impact printers do not physically contact papers when printing.
A. True
B. False
C. No idea
7. List three (3) examples of impact printers.
Identify the following types or examples of impact printers.

A. line printer
B. braille
C. Dot-matrix printer

A. Line printer
B. Dot-matrix printer
C. Braille

A. Line printer
B. Dot-matrix printer’
C. Braille
11. Which example of impact printers print black and white by striking dots on a paper?
A. Braille
B. Dot-matrix printer
C. Line printer
12. How do non-impact printers work?

13. How do non-impact printers create image on papers?
14. Non-impact printers make too much noise when printing.
A. True
B. False
C. No idea
 15. Mention two (2) examples of non-impact printers.
16. Which example of non-impact uses ink during printing?
17. Laser jet printers are examples of non-impact printers that uses cartridge to print.
A. True
B. False
C. No idea
Identify the following non-impact printers

A. Inkjet printers
B. Laser jet printer

A. Laser jet printer
B. Inkjet printer
20. Identify the printer below and state it uses.

1. Printer

A. Inkjet Printer
B. Laser jet Printer
C. Dot-matrix printer

3. 2

4. Impact and Non-impact printers

5. Impact printers

6. False
A. Braille
B. Dot-matrix printers
C. Line printers

8. Braille

9. Dot-matrix printer

10. Line printer

11. Dot-matrix printer

12. They work by forming characters and graphics on a piece of paper without striking the paper

13. They create image on papers by using heat and pressure

14. False

A. Inkjet printer
B. Laser jet printer

16. Inkjet printer

17. True

18. Inkjet Printer

19. Laser jet printer

20. It is a plotter and it is used to print on large papers.

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