STRAND 1: Introduction to Computing
Sub-Strand 1: Generation of Computers and parts of a computer and other gadgets.
Content Standard: Demonstrating an understanding of the parts of a computer and technology tools.
Indicator: Identify and discuss the Home Row Keys and Enter Buttons.
1. The row of keys the fingers rest on when typing are called the _____
A. Top row keys
B. Home row keys
2. The home row keys start with which alphabet.
A. D
B. A
C. L
3. What other name is given to the home row keys?
A. rest typing position
B. game playing keys
C. fun handlers
4. Write down the letters of the alphabet that make up the home row keys.
5. The right and left thumbs of our fingers are used to press the _____ on the computer keyboard.
A. backspace
B. spacebar
C. Enter
6. The table below shows the fingers used to press the home row keys. Write the corresponding keys each finger presses on the keyboard.

1. Home row keys

2. A

3. Rest typing position

4. A S D F G H J K L , : ‘ “

5. Spacebar


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