Little Red Riding Hood || Pg 6/9

“Little Red Riding-Hood, granny,” said the wolf, trying to speak like the child.
“Come in, my dear,” said the old lady, who was a little deaf. “Pull the string and the latch will come up.”
The wolf did as she told him, went in, and you may think how frightened poor grandmother was when she saw him standing by her bed instead of Little Red Riding-Hood.
Very soon the wolf, who was quite hungry after his run, ate up poor grandmother.
Indeed, she was not enough for his breakfast, and so he thought he would like to eat sweet Red Riding-Hood also. 
Therefore he dressed himself in granny’s nightcap and got into bed, and waited for the child to knock at the door. But he waited a long time.
By and by Little Red Riding-Hood reached her grandmother’s house, and tapped at the door.

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