The Sparrow and the Elephant: Panchatantra Story || Pg 1 / 7


Story of the Sparrow and the Elephant
A long time ago, Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow lived in the forest. They made their nest on a branch of a blackberry tree. Soon, Mrs. Sparrow laid eggs in the nest. Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow became very happy. Mr. Sparrow took care of her and their eggs. The Sparrow couple eagerly waited for their kids to come out.
But one day, a big-giant and cheeky Elephant came near their tree. He started pulling the branches. The Sparrow couple got scared after watching this. They got afraid of the big Elephant and started requesting him. They pleaded, “Oh! Dear Elephant, Please show mercy. This is our beautiful nest. We laid eggs in the nest. We are waiting for our children to come out eagerly. Please don't break the branches or else our beautiful dreams will also be broken”.

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