The Sparrow and the Elephant: Panchatantra Story || Pg 4 / 7


What Is the Plan?
The mastermind Frog made a plan to punish the Elephant. He included Gnat and Woodpeacker into his plan. According to his plan, Gnat would buzz in the Elephant’s ear, and annoy him. After that, the Woodpecker would pluck his eyes, and finally, the Frog would complete the rest of the plan.
On the next day, all started to search for the arrogant Elephant. Later, they found him near the mango tree. “Let us execute the plan”, said the genius Frog. Following the order of the mastermind Frog, Gnat went near the Elephant and started buzzing into his ear. This made the Elephant angry, and soon he lost control over his body.

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