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To keep your brain engaged during class, take notes, which you can refer to later, as you refine your study techniques.
Notes can help store information in your long-term memory, right there in class. These notes will be important for reviewing when you’re completing assessments and assignments.
You might find it handy to condense your notes after class, so they’re clear and easy to read. Underline or highlight key points. If anything doesn’t make sense, you can seek clarification from your teacher.
You can also create visual aids like flow charts and mind maps to help simplify information. For some students, these visual aids help them remember complex information and study more effectively.
If you do miss a class, ask a study buddy or classmate if you can refer to their notes. This will ensure there are no holes in your own notetaking.
Your teacher is, in a way, a resource who is there to be used!
These tips by allows you to focus on one subject at a time.
Learning in a work-shop style class, you get the opportunity to know your teacher.
You can take advantage of this interactive learning environment by asking questions during or after class, where you can get fast feedback.
Teachers can further clarify any topics you find confusing. You may even be able to get a little direction on assignments before submitting.
Your teacher will no doubt be impressed with your initiative and happy to help.

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