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When you are reading and re-reading texts and notes, you’re not studying. This is because you’re not engaging with the material.
You’ll discover that you have trouble remembering class notes if you’re not using active studying techniques.
Instead of reading, try:
A. creating concept maps and diagrams
B. explaining concepts to yourself step by step
C. formulating questions and problems that you can come back to and solve, effectively creating a quiz for yourself
D. becoming a teacher or tutor to your study group or partner and learning the course material by explaining concepts to them.
It is important to have a designated study area that is free from distraction and will allow you to study effectively.
When you settle into your study area, you will know you are there to learn. This mindset will help with your overall motivation to study.
Choose a study space that is quiet, well-lit and in a low-traffic area. Don’t, say, study at a dining table when you’re going to be constantly distracted by housemates or family members moving in and out of the kitchen!
If there’s nowhere suitable for study at home, try your local or university library. Libraries are naturally quiet and many have designated areas for study.
For many students, the greatest distraction is their phone. You may find it helpful to switch your phone to silent – or even off – for the duration of your study session.
You can also use apps such as Freedom or FocusMe to block non-essential apps from your phone, while you’re trying to learn.

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