Little Red Riding Hood || Pg 5/9

And then there were the merry, cunning little squirrels to watch, cracking nuts on the branches of the old trees, and every now and then a rabbit would hurry away through the tall ferns, or a great bee come buzzing near her, and she would stop to watch it gathering honey from the flowers, and wild thyme. So she went on very slowly.
By-and-by she saw Hugh, the woodman.
“Where are you going, Little Red Riding-Hood,” said he, “all alone?”
“I am going to my grandmamma’s,” said the child. “Good day; I must make haste now, for it grows late.”
While Little Red Riding-Hood was at play in the wood, the great wolf galloped on as fast as he could to the old woman’s house. Grandmother lived all by herself, but once or twice a-day a neighbour’s child came to tidy her house and get her food.
Now, grandmother was very feeble, and often kept her bed; and it happened that she was in bed the day Little Red Riding-Hood went to see her. When the wolf reached the cottage door he tapped.
“Who is there?” asked the old dame.

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