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Taking the time to get organized will set you up well and help you achieve your learning goals.
Top study tips:
Invest in a diary, and use it to keep track of current assignment deadlines.
Bring all the material and devices you need to class, so you can participate.
You may find it helpful to pack your bag the night before, so you’re ready to go first thing in the morning.

Skipping class can be detrimental to your learning and achieving your study goals.
It leaves gaping holes in your notes – and in your subject knowledge.
These tips by are designed to give you more time to devote to work, your social life and other commitments.
Rather than juggling four subjects at once, you’ll concentrate on one unit (subject) over a four-week ‘block’ period. You’ll attend three-hour workshop-style classes, three times a week.
The rest of your time can be used to study, work, see friends – whatever is most important to you.
Remember to practice active listening by focusing on what your teachers are saying in class and taking notes as needed.

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